Shell Buddy - Raycast Extension

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Shell Buddy

A Raycastapp extension to convert natural language prompts to shell commands with GPT-3.

To prevent abuse, credits are needed to use this extension.

How it works

  1. Add the extension to your Raycastapp via the extension store
  2. After purchase you will receive a license key valid for the specified amount of credits
  3. Enter the license key into the Shell Buddy Raycastapp preferences
  4. Use the command

Good to know

  • Shell Buddy works best with simple commands, but can work with more complex commands as well.
  • You can either copy the resulting command to clipboard with a shortcut, or run it in the terminal directly with a shortcut
  • If you are using the same prompt twice by accident, only one of them will deduct a credit


  • Credits will never expire
  • Only one license can be active at any time
  • You can refund unused licenses within 30 days of purchase.
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Shell Buddy - Raycast Extension

1 rating
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